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Local Events to Stay Active while Managing Pain

It’s that time of year to get outside and get active. Many people want to exercise more after the proverbial winter hibernation. Some people want to sweat, which is not hard when the weather is warmer. However, people with back pain have more to consider when looking for a physical activity. It’s important to consider impact after an activity as well as how they feel while participating in it. If you have to manage back pain, this should not deter you from physical activity. In fact, some activities can help with pain management. Others can be modified according to any limitations you have from your pain.

Staying active can lengthen your life overall. It’s worth it to find activities you can do even with back pain. So we want to encourage you to have more fun and take care of yourself through physical exercise over the next few months. We’ve shared different types of activities people can do with back pain as well as local events in the Louisville area to join.

Low-Impact Activity

Walking and hiking are great low-impact exercises to get you moving with minimal stress to your body. Over time, low-impact physical activity can even build your core strength and improve your pain. These kinds of activities are also ideal for stress management and mental/emotional health. As with most exercise activities, doing it improves your cardiovascular fitness which can improve your quality of life, later in life.

Tips for this Activity

  • If you choose a longer walk or a hike, be sure to research the trails before beginning, and choose one that is a manageable distance to fit your needs.
  • Take breaks when needed.
  • Bring and drink lots of water!
  • Stretch before, after, and during your walk/hike.

Join a Local Event

1. Mayor’s Hike, Bike, & Paddle

  • Where: Waterfront Park – Great Lawn
  • Date: May 29, 2017
  • Time: 8 am – 2 pm

Activities Helpful with Pain

Are you suffering from regular back or neck pain? There are activities that often help certain types of pain.

Cycling is a great low-impact activity that provides many health benefits. Cycling can build your leg and core muscles, while still being a non-weight bearing activity. Picking the right bike that fits your body and a smooth pavement is key. Even better if you can find a stationary bike or class.

Yoga is also an excellent activity focused on posture. Some movements in a yoga routine will stretch, strengthen, and align your back and core. There are many different levels of this exercise, so it’s extremely customizable to your needs and comfort level. The connection of breathing, mind, and body can be helpful for people managing pain, too.

Join a Local Event

1. Cycle Bar Louisville

Fun and interactive cycling class with options suitable for all fitness levels

2. Louisville Yoga Co-Op

This page is dedicated to sharing free and low-cost yoga events in the Louisville area. There are different kinds of opportunities each week, so it’s good to follow their updates.

Events for Greater Physical Fitness

Already active but looking for a new challenge to grow your level of fitness? With the weather getting warmer there are many outdoor activities suitable for pain that can really work up a sweat. Summer is the season for outdoor sporting events!

Tennis is a great activity to improve your fitness level. Watching it on tv may make it look like a calm event compared to something more abrasive like football. But the agility required in tennis is hard work. It’s a great physical challenge. Paddle boarding is another activity that can improve core strength, balance, and engage nearly every muscle in your body. Though it is a full-body activity, it is still low-impact and gentle on joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Join a Local Event

1. Louisville Tennis Club

They offer classes, clinics, private lessons, and opportunities to reserve courts for playing on your own anytime you want.

2. Endless Summer Paddle Boarding

  • Classes: Schedule online to choose from a variety of classes.
  • Cost: Basic intro class is $40

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