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Pain Management for Auto Injury and Workers’ Compensation Patients

Kentucky Pain Associates (KPA) is a high quality medical clinic with a renowned medical team with offices located in the heart of Louisville, Lexington, and Elizabethtown, KY. We specialize in treating patients who have been victims of an Automobile or Workers’ Comp injury. In fact, we are considered the top choice for patients dealing with auto injury or workers’ comp as well as many specialized medical providers and attorneys in the Louisville Metro and surrounding areas.

See just a few of the many examples below that set us apart as a practice!

On-Site Dispensaries

Kentucky Pain Associates has low cost Rx Dispensaries located in our facilities so all patients can obtain the medications they need before they leave the building. All patients’ first prescriptions will be filled, guaranteed, with no out of pocket cost to them, whether or not they have their claim information yet.

Main Lobby

Main Lobby

Pain Management

For patients experiencing acute pain, KPA provides a variety of pain management procedures such as cervical and lumbar epidurals, various nerve blocks, occipital nerve blocks (for headaches), joint injections, radio frequency ablation and more. These procedures are typically performed on a lien basis to support qualified personal injury attorneys.

Reliable Information

KPA also provides professionally typed, detailed MD transcription reports and medical records documenting the patient’s injuries and treatment. All of our medical records are digital, secured, and can be quickly emailed to attorneys and providers for their convenience upon request. We strive to help the patient get well not only by providing quality medical treatment, but by effectively communicating and working with attorneys and other providers involved in the entire patient’s treatment and care.

Our Facilities

We are happy to offer 3 different locations in Kentucky– in Louisville, Elizabethtown, and in Lexington. Each of them is conveniently located with beautiful facilities for our patients and partners to enjoy.

Visit our Louisville Office

Visit our Lexington Office
Our Lexington location is conveniently located on Man O War Blvd near Richmond Rd. We love working in Lexington! Click here to see our Lexington location and find directions.

Visit our Elizabethtown Office
Hardin County and surrounding residents can easily visit our Elizabethtown office off of Crowne Pointe Dr. We are happy to serve this community. Click here to see our Elizabethtown location and find directions.

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