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How can KPA help you and your case today?

KPA is a Resource to Personal Injury Cases

We can maximize case value.

We will help you maximize case value and reduce wrongful denials of claims by providing a comprehensive suite of injury assessment services backed up by our Board Certified Pain Physicians notes, Impairment Ratings, and more.

We have renown Board Certified Pain Physicians.

Our highly regarded Board Certified Pain Management Physicians are dedicated to properly documenting injuries so that we can better serve our patients and their Attorneys. Our Board Certified Pain Management Physicians are among the most respected physicians by personal injury insurance companies. You can increase your case value by working with KPA.

We can act as your Supervising Physician.

Should your client choose to begin their injury treatments at KPA with us being their supervising physician, we will continue to refer to your preferred Chiropractors and/or Physical Therapists if you have them.

We simplify the process for patients through liens and an in-house pharmacy.

There is a low cost Rx Dispensary conveniently located in our facility so your clients can obtain the medications they need before they leave the building. All of your clients’ first prescriptions will be filled, guaranteed, with no out of pocket cost to them, whether or not they have their claim information yet.

Our liens can alleviate some of the burden during the front end of medical care and a victim’s case. We will provide pain management treatment on select cases on a lien basis. Our Rx Dispensary will provide low cost and convenient medication to your clients once PIP has exhausted.

We can offer impairment ratings, narratives, and courtroom testimony.

We provide Impairment Ratings for patients who have MRIs with positive findings. Our Impairment Ratings will be backed up by “objective” findings resulting from the utilization of the latest Impairment Rating measurement technology. This will provide indisputable evidence and severity of the injury and help bolster your case.

We can provide narrative reports on an as needed basis to help you represent your client with the most accurate up-to-date information. We can also act as an expert witness and provide court-room testimony when requested. All of these elements are great value drivers to insurance adjusters and juries.

We work as a your partner with clear communication and confidence.

We work directly and proactively communicate with you explaining our position on your client’s health so that you know where we stand if you must take your client’s case to court. We stand behind our care 100% and will always give you honest information to best serve our patient/your client.


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Did you know?

We will still refer to your preferred Chiropractor or PT.

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