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At Kentucky Pain Associates, we aim to strengthen our relationships with the other treatment providers that our patients are treating with. Unlike other facilities, we do not over treat our patients and perform multiple unnecessary procedures, diagnostics, or refer out to specialists. We aim to cooperate and work with the patient’s providers to get the patient well. We consider our referral sources our customers and supervising doctors. We provide advice, but all final decisions on procedures, diagnostics, or referring out to specialists are decided by our referral sources.

The services that we provide are supplemental to chiropractic and physical therapy care for pain related to soft tissue injuries. We prescribe medications and perform trigger point injection therapy to help the healing process. These procedures, in conjunction with outside care, work to strengthen the claims to the insurance providers. This communication and cooperation helps all providers that are treating the patient.

We also provide professionally typed dictations and doctors notes to the treating providers to help strengthen communications and benefit the patient’s medical care. The patients are also instructed to continue their treatment with their outside providers to ensure that they are able to successfully recover from their injuries.

We have a low cost Dispensary conveniently located in our facility so your patients can obtain the medications they need before they leave the building. All of your patients’ first prescriptions will be filled at our Dispensary, guaranteed, with no out of pocket cost to them, whether or not they have their claim information yet.

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