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Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life. The consequences of accidents depend on the severity of what happened. Car wrecks, injuries at work, and defective products can cause minor to severe damage. No matter the severity, it’s important that people can turn to trusted Personal Injury (PI) Attorneys.

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We had some recent conversations with P.I. Attorneys and found it very interesting their perceptions of the steps for medical care for a personal injury case.

We believe there may be some misconceptions about the role of a chiropractor, the role of a supervising physician, and all the steps that should be taken to be most efficient with a client’s medical care. The steps we want everyone to know about will also maximize their case value!

We will recap those conversations this week!


The 5th annual CQ Jam benefitting WaterStep recently happened on September 9th, 2017 at Captain’s Quarters. The event has grown over the years and this year the event expanded to provide nine hours of entertainment and music to the waterfront.

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Radiofrequency Ablation

To vaporize or erode something with extreme heat may not sound like something you want to be done to your body. But this process has helped many different people; from tumors to severe pain from an injury. It’s called ablating, and it’s not what you think. Well – it is, but as a medical procedure, it involves applying heat currents to disrupt or destroy abnormalities inside the body. It can be revolutionary for pain sufferers.  Continue reading Radiofrequency Ablation

We love the work we do. We love where we live. To be recognized for our work by our city is a great honor to us. That’s why we are so ecstatic that our very own Dr. Lewis was chosen as a top doctor of 2017 in the area by Louisville Magazine. This is the 2nd time Dr. Lewis has been chosen for this award in the past 3 years. He was recognized along with 6 other doctors for their work in the field of pain management.

KPA- r. Lewis Chosen for Louisville Magazine's Top DoctorsProud to Be Recognized by Louisville Magazine

Louisville Magazine is a great local publication, and it’s online home is We were so happy to be featured by them because we consider them the “go-to” for the latest trends and best parts of Louisville. Speaking of that, have you heard of the annual “Best of Louisville” nominations for local business? When a restaurant is coined “Best of Louisville” it is also a great honor. So, we’re thankful to receive a similar recognition. We’re thankful to Louisville Magazine for mentioning Dr. Lewis in their latest edition.

The results for “Top Docs 2017” came from a peer survey. A questionnaire was sent to over 2,000 members of the Greater Louisville Medical Society. As the magazine mentioned when they released the winners, we, too, agree there are so many great doctors in this community who were not listed as one of the “Top Docs.” We also send congratulations to the other doctors who received recognition alongside Dr. Lewis.

What It Means for Kentucky Pain Associates

Of course, we want to give kudos to Dr. Lewis. We are so glad he is a part of Kentucky Pain Associates. He is passionate and dedicated to his field. It shows day in and day out. Our practice exists in large part due to his work.

This honor is certainly cause for celebration. It’s also an exhortation to us to continue our work and to continue to expand and improve it. We are so committed to enhancing our practice. We even created a survey recently to get feedback from our patients. We are ever evolving and growing. We want the people we work with to be an active part of that.

If you are a patient, feel free to fill out our survey. If you’ve not seen one of our doctors before, we’d love to make an appointment with you! Our doctors are truly renowned, and they would love to see how they can help you with your pain or injury.

To view the original article announcing the 2017 Top Doctors, go here.

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