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Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life. The consequences of accidents depend on the severity of what happened. Car wrecks, injuries at work, and defective products can cause minor to severe damage. No matter the severity, it’s important that people can turn to trusted Personal Injury (PI) Attorneys.

Over the past year, several PI Attorneys have told us that they thought they had to refer their client directly to a Chiropractor or that a Chiropractor must be involved with a case. This is a major misconception that we would like to address. In reality, all PI Attorneys should ensure that a Board Certified Pain Medical Doctor (MD) supervises 100% of the plan of care for their clients. This will add value to personal injury claims with an MD presiding over and coordinating care and is something that KPA always provides along with our other services to best serve our patients– your clients.

A Major Misconception Personal Injury Attorneys Have

What To Expect When Personal Injury Attorneys Partner With KPA

When you partner with us, we provide access to resources to help coordinate and streamline expert care for your client. We will provide everything from Board Certified Pain Physicians supervising the case to narrative reports, plus additional services to help your client recover. We have worked hard to create open communication with PI Attorneys, at no cost, to help you guide your client through a difficult time.

We recently made public our Attorney Hub, which is a place where PI Attorneys and Board Certified Pain Physicians come to collaborate to provide care for personal injury victims. The hub offers details to help attorneys understand how KPA can help and ways to increase case value and win percentage. We do so in the following ways:

  • Maximize case value: We provide a comprehensive suite of injury assessment services which helps to increase case value and decrease wrongful denials of claims. This assessment is backed by our Board Certified Pain Physicians notes, Narratives, Impairment Ratings, Depositions, and more. Working with our Board Certified Pain Physicians increases case value since they are among the most respected physicians by personal injury insurance companies.
  • We will act as your clients’ supervising physician: When your client begins treatment with us being their supervising physician, we will continue to refer to your preferred Chiropractors and Physical Therapists if needed.
  • We will add value to cases in court: We will do this by acting as an expert witness in court-room testimony, which adds value to the case that insurance adjusters and juries will notice.
  • Transparent communication: We are proactive in our communication efforts to explain our position regarding your client’s health to be transparent about where we stand if the case must go to court.

The above is an overview of many of the things that we provide PI Attorneys with personal injury cases. To get comprehensive details, head to our Attorney Hub to see how else we can simplify the process and read about our in-house pharmacy. Just remember, when you take on a personal injury case, it’s best to partner with KPA for access to exclusive resources like those mentioned above. Contact us for further information on partnering with us.

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