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Dear Family, Friends, & All Kentucky Drivers,


Please forward this email.  Have your friends and family start calling and emailing their District Legislators (State Senator & Representative) now to tell them to Vote NO on Senate Bill 137. This is the 2019 version of Senate Bill 121 that you may remember from last year.  Please take two minutes of your day to read this.

We’re sharing this pertinent information in hopes to educate you on the harm this Bill really means for all Kentucky drivers & citizens.  

Senator Rick Girdler, R-Somerset, a career politician, recently filed SB137.  The true “deception” behind this bill is to increase the already massive profits of “Out of State” automobile insurance companies and line Senator Girdler’s pockets, all at the detriment of Kentucky citizens.  

Here is what Senator Girdler (who is also an insurance agent) and the “Out of State” insurance companies have been doing to you and intend to do to you (Kentucky citizens) via SB137 so they can make more money:

  • Decrease your automobile insurance Personal Injury Protection Program (PIP) medical benefits
  • Increase your automobile insurance premiums
  • Decrease your auto injury medical provider’s fee schedule so they can’t make money and drive them out of business
  • Limit auto injury patients access to their usual medical care in their time of need
  • Force neglected auto injury patients to wait in line at our already overloaded hospital Emergency Departments
  • Add millions of debt to our already financially stressed Kentucky Medicaid system


We need YOUR help. Please Call and Email your District Legislators to oppose Senate Bill 137. It only takes a few minutes.

Here’s how to Call:

  1. Using a personal phone, call 1-800-372-7181
  2. Let the Operator know you want to leave a message for your legislators.
  3. Tell the Operator you oppose SB137.
  1.    They will ask you if you want to leave any comments. 

Sample comments against Senate Bill 137 (feel free to change the words or pick some from above): 

I am a constituent and I oppose Senate Bill 137!”

Alternatively, here is how you may Email your legislators:

  1. Go to  
  2. Type in your Address, City, and Zip Code, then click on Find My District
  3. Click anywhere on the map and you legislators will pop up.
  4. Click on your “Representative’s” web site and send them an email.
  5. Copy & Paste the following to your district Senator & House Representative an email stating something like this or draft your own thoughts: 

I oppose Senate Bill 137. This bill was introduced by Senator Girdler, an insurance agent who is trying to improve his own selfish financial interest.  All this bill does is to allow our PIP benefits to continue to decrease from inflation and decrease the auto injury provider fee schedule just to increase the already huge profits of Out of State automobile insurance companies. Yet the insurance companies will continue to increase our premiums.  Out of State auto insurance companies have profited Billions from Kentucky citizens. Their massive profits increase every year. The result of this bill will limit auto injury patients access to care & coverage, and add millions in debt to the already financially stressed Kentucky Medicaid system.”


Take Action and Protect Kentucky’s Personal Injury Protection! 

We appreciate your help in this time-sensitive, urgent matter.



The KPA Team

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