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We are passionate about working with people involved in a personal injury case and also with their attorneys. Here’s why. We specialize in the care of patients right after they’ve been injured, typically from a car accident. Our pain treatments not only directly address pain, but we also possess in-depth knowledge on the other things you must consider right after a car accident such as insurance claims, PIP, great legal representation, and the many findings and factors of a personal injury case.

Just a few months ago, we even wrote a blog about the top things you should immediately do when you’ve been in a car accident. We hope our goal is clear. We aim to be a compassionate and informed voice for people dealing with personal injury, especially from car accidents, and a partner to their attorneys.

Our Pain Physicians Assure Major Benefits for You

If you are a personal injury attorney, we can easily partner with you. Because we are Board Certified Pain Physicians, and approved by the state as a registered pain management facility, utilizing us as the Supervising Physician in your case AUTOMATICALLY increases the value of your case compared to ONLY using another specialization such as a chiropractor.

This does not mean we have to be the only treating physician. Although our treatments are more widely accepted by insurance adjusters and in courtrooms than those of other medical specializations, we can act as the Supervising Physician and STILL refer to a chiropractor or physical therapist for further treatment, if a personal injury victim or personal injury attorney prefers one specifically. This is such a fluid interaction amongst all parties. We want to make this process easy since there are so many other stressors and decisions to make in a victim’s case already.

We Can Work with Chiropractors, PT’s, and Any Key Person on Your Case

We love working with many chiropractors and physical therapists who we’ve known for many years. Because we call many of them friends, we think it’s unfortunate that their recommendations alone are not often given great expense value in court or by insurance. This is again how we can help chiropractors and PT’s because if we assess a personal injury victim FIRST and then give the “Doctor’s order” if you will, for our patient to then see the specialist for specific care, our official referral will most likely be accepted.

The recommendations and referrals of our certified Pain Physicians at KPA are definitely given higher multipliers in damages formula. When personal injury attorneys send their clients to KPA they are assured a stronger case and greater claim valuation. It’s a clear benefit.

And as you continue to progress with your case –whether you are the victim or the attorney– we are happy to provide more resources until the final days of your case, whether that be impairment ratings, narrative reports, depositions, or even courtroom testimony as an expert witness.

Have you ever needed quick information from a physician? Many attorneys and patients have expressed this feeling to us. We want to be there for you with easy communication. We have great staff people, too, who can connect with you and get you what you need quickly!

If you haven’t checked out our Attorney Hub that gives lots of information about the different resources an attorney and personal injury victim can receive from us. We’d love for you to check it out. There you will find a place to share if you need anything or if you have questions. We’d love to help you in any way we can.

When a great opportunity is ahead for someone, we can’t help but share it. We know there are so many benefits for personal injury victims and attorneys when they utilize a Board Certified Pain Physician like ours. Test us on this. The proof is in the pudding.

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