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Kentucky Pain Associates is a low-cost provider of pain management treatments for patients and clients of Louisville Primary Care Physicians, Emergency Room Physicians, Chiropractors, and Attorneys. Kentucky Pain Associates partners with other providers and with Attorneys to provide the best care by Board-Certified Physicians who are experienced in serving those who have sustained injuries from an automobile accident.

Our On-Site Dispensary

We have low-cost Prescription Dispensaries located in our facilities so that all patients can obtain the medications they need before they leave the building. All patients’ first prescriptions will be filled and guaranteed, with no out of pocket cost to them, regardless if they have their claim information yet. This is one of the many things that sets Kentucky Pain Associates apart from other Pain Management facilities.

We Work With or For Other Physicians

If you are a referring Primary Care Provider, Emergency Room Physician, Chiropractor, or other Medical Provider, we can work alongside you to better serve your patients. We can also fully take on your patient’s care when it’s appropriate. We work directly with you and keep the line of communication open so that both parties are informed of the patient’s current status at all times. At KPA, we pledge to provide quality care for your patients and assure you that with us, your patients are in good hands.

Attornies Depend On Us For a Quick Turnaround

Attornies often times lean on us to help them keep their case moving and can easily refer a client to us via our online portal.

We provide Impairment Ratings for patients who have MRIs with positive findings. KPA’s Impairment Ratings will be backed up by “objective” findings. This results from the utilization of the latest Impairment Rating measurement technology. This will provide indisputable evidence and severity of the injury to help bolster your case.

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