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In the field of medicine, good ethics are extremely important. This should be a given, but sadly, we all know the stories of businesses and practices who choose otherwise. There are many reasons why practicing good ethics is important, but most of all, it is because human lives are at the center of every kind of medical service.

If a medical practice does not have high standards in its medical, as well as business ethics, we believe they cannot genuinely do good for others. You’re probably familiar with the Hippocratic Oath which includes the phrase “Do no harm.” Our doctors and medical staff, take this seriously. With every decision we make, we must think about the good of our patients.

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Obviously, like any person, no doctor is perfect. But we are sad to hear when doctors or medical staff choose to lower their standards of care and management, resulting in problems for patients. It can result in a bad reputation for their field of medicine too. In our opinion, there is a huge difference in human error and bad practices. Sadly, another pain management practice in our area was raided and shut down just last month for charges of the latter.

We are concerned by this situation. But it also makes us more assured of the values and mission of our own practice. At Kentucky Pain Associates, we want it to be clear how committed we are to upholding the law and seeking to understand every policy that affects our work and our patients. We want this post to be much more than a sales piece. We’re not just trying to recruit new patients. We want EVERY current or potential patient of ANY kind of pain management treatment to understand the importance of their quality of care and the need to choose the best practice from the beginning. It directly affects your health and your future.

Make the Best Choice in Your Care at the Start

If you need pain management, you should always start your treatment with a practice that will consistently provide the service you need. It will be better for you if you don’t go somewhere that doesn’t offer comprehensive care, so that you aren’t forced in the middle of treatment to search elsewhere for services your practice doesn’t offer. For instance, we offer a wide variety of services including an in-house pharmacy and we also partner with many other medical providers.– as well as attorneys if you’re injury involves a lawsuit. That means we can offer you a streamlined process of care; from initial evaluation to ongoing treatment, including the use of specialists, and even supporting your potential personal injury case.

You also want to start your care with a practice with a good reputation and reliable communication, so that it’s unlikely your care will ever be interrupted. A news article covering the closed practice we mentioned also shared a quote from one of their former patients and how the raid and shut down instantly affected people like her.

“Friess had an issue with her prescription and needed to get it fixed on Tuesday, and now she’s in a bind. ‘We are leaving for Michigan tomorrow and I don’t know how to get this filled,’ Friess said.”

All in all, avoid unnecessary upheaval, especially while you are healing from an injury.

We also want to encourage every current or potential patient of pain management to really get to know the practice they’re considering, so that you can avoid problems like the patient above! If you need to know more about our practice and our team, talk to us! As a patient, you deserve to have your questions answered. You should feel confident and comfortable with any doctor and staff you choose to work with. Many people just search for “pain clinic near me” and make their decision from there. Thankfully we’re happy to offer transportation and more than one location which you can map from here. But we believe you really should thoroughly vet your doctors. We’re saying that AS doctors! You deserve to be informed.

Here are other benefits YOU deserve that we offer:

If you are still unsure about coming to Kentucky Pain Associates for pain management in Kentucky, consider this. KPA is the only Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure state-approved pain management facility in the area that specializes in auto injury and workers compensation. Because of this, we believe we should be your top choice if your injury fits within this category. Most of all, we put your care above all else. So you should too. We think that’s what sets us apart from many practices. We are not just about injections or jumping straight to recommending surgery. We believe in giving you the treatment you need and at the highest quality.

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